1958 Baby Ace

Ace Aircraft is one of the oldest kit planes on the market today. The names of "Ace" Corben, Ed Heath, and B.H. Pietenpol were synonymous with experimental homebuilt aircraft as far back as 1930, and we still find the basic designs of "Ace" Corben being built, flown, and admired by those who find the past as exciting as the designs and materials of the present.

Paul Poberezny, founder of the EAA, gave renewed life to the Corben designs back in 1954 when he acquired the remains of the Corben Airplane Company. Paul deserves recognition for his role in keeping the Corben designs alive.

The Tiger Boys’ Corben Baby Ace is reputed to be one of the oldest flying homebuilt aircraft in Canada. Gus Chisholm of Goderich, Ontario began construction of the Ace in 1953 and the aircraft made its first flight in 1958.

The Baby Ace is a single seat, parasol aeroplane powered by a 1940's vintage 65hp Continental powerplant.

The Baby Ace has proven to be a popular design. The fuselage of the open-cockpit single seater is made of steel tubing covered with fabric. The wing is made of two wood spars, also covered with fabric. The Junior Ace is a side-by-side two seater constructed in the same manner. Owners praise the designs because they are easy to build and fly.

Depending on the powerplant -- typically a Continental C-65 or C-85 -- the Baby Ace will cruise at around 100 mph and climb at 1,200 fpm, according to Ace Aircraft. The Junior Ace, with a C-85, will cruise at 105 mph and climb at 500 fpm. Both aircraft have a range of about 350 miles.



Manufacturer:Ace Aircraft Company, Chesapeake, WV
Nickname:Baby Ace
Serial Number:4-3858
First Flew:April, 1952
Type:Homebuilt (Experimental)
Length:17' 8"5.5 M
Height:6' 6"2.0 M
Wingspan:25' 6"8.1 M
Wingarea:110 Sq Ft10.2 Sq M
Empty Weight:575 lbs260 Kg
Gross Weight:809 lbs366 Kg
No. of Engines:1
Powerplant:Continental C-65
Range:350 Miles560 Km
Cruise Speed:96 Mph154 Km/H87 Kt
Max Speed:106 Mph170 Km/H96 Kt
Climb:1,200 Ft/min365 M/min
Ceiling:10,500 Ft3,200 M

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